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How to Start a White Label Forex Brokerage in 2024

Start a White Label FX Brokerage in 2024

The foreign exchange market remains the largest and the most influential despite the recent growth in the crypto market and the rising opportunities in commodities. The fact that Forex trading affects and is impacted by national economies, international trades, global political stability and other forces makes it the investor’s first and most lucrative choice.

This means that if you’re looking to launch a business in the trading industry, then starting your own Forex brokerage is a great way to earn from the increasing number of traders and the growing market capitalisation.

But how do you find trading software? Well, the most proven way to start quickly and compete with existing players is to get a white label Forex brokerage platform. All you must do is choose the features you want to offer and rebrand with your name. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Key Takeaways

  • White label platforms are pre-built software that can be customised, rebranded and altered to suit business needs.

  • Launching a white label Forex brokerage company saves you the money and time to build a brokerage system from scratch.

  • Finding the right white label technology provider requires thorough research, including integrating the best payment providers, liquidity sources, and other services needed for your Forex business.

What is a White Label Platform?

A white label platform is a pre-built system that serves as a template for businesses to integrate with their websites, add their services, customise their offerings and rename it after their companies.

These solutions require little development effort by the hiring company and shorten the time needed to get the system operational and ready.

The white label Forex services provider is a developer company that programs these platforms to suit different business needs, whether for brokerage services, payment processing, customer service management, e-commerce merchants, and more.

In short, they provide the technological means to operate a successful Forex brokerage, from developing to maintaining.

how white label platforms work

Using a White Label Forex Brokerage

An FX brokerage white label system is a pre-built platform that integrates all the features and functions required by a brokerage house to serve traders. 

A white label investment platform is typically built on the premise of existing trading software like MetaTrader or cTrader, offering Forex brokerages a more affordable option that costs a fraction of the official software license.

Hiring a white label brokerage service provider saves the time and money needed to find, hire and train in-house developers and build the system from scratch. 

Therefore, you can enter the market quickly and be equipped with all the necessary trading instruments, liquidity sources, payment solutions, and other support services. Here’s how you can start.

Creating a white label FX brokerage

Setting up a Forex White Label Brokerage in 7 Steps

The main challenge in the Forex white label agreement is finding the right technology provider that ticks all your boxes, from the pricing policy to the freedom to upscale or downscale your business.

Let’s explain what you must do step by step to start your FX brokerage.

Step-by-step start your white label forex brokerage

Create Your Forex Business Plan

Start by crafting the best business plan, including your target market, range of investment products and services, and profitability system. 

Determine your business model, whether a broker-dealer, discount broker or market maker. This classification will help you understand your objectives and is also required by some jurisdictions for licensing purposes.

Obtain a Forex Brokerage Service License

Familiarise yourself with the local Forex trading rules and regulations. These guidelines differ between countries. Some jurisdictions require an FX broker license, while others only imply obtaining a financial business permit.

There are different Forex license categories. For example, if you are launching white label Forex brokerage in the US or Switzerland, you will need the highest permit class.

This step also involves hiring a compliance team to lead your legal documentation and processes, including reporting, auditing and updating your guidelines according to the changing legal environment.

Nevertheless, becoming a licensed Forex business boosts investor confidence and attracts more customers to your platform.

Fast Fact

Broker-dealers in the US are required to keep a net capital of $250,000 or more to remain operational according to the SEC regulations.

Find a White Label Forex Platform

Probably the most important—and overwhelming—step in this process is locating the best white label Forex broker technology provider.

This involves searching for ones that support businesses in your location and checking their reputation, reviews, testimonials, experience, and support services.

Start by inspecting their working license and determining whether they obtain a valid permit to offer FX trading software. Review the clients they work with; if you find any key market players, they are more likely to be legitimate white label providers.

Check out the range of supporting services and ensure they offer features that you want to integrate into your platform and that align with your business objectives.

Connect a Forex Liquidity Provider

Liquidity is a key factor in offering financial brokerage services, affecting the speed and prices at which orders are executed and the stability of financial markets within your trading room.

Integrating reliable liquidity providers into your white label Forex brokerage is critical to improving your business operations and offering the best trading conditions for your investors.

Check the liquidity sources of your Forex white label partnership. Some providers offer built-in liquidity consolidation tools and sourcing, which can increase your business’s traction. 

Traders always look for Forex brokers that offer tight spread ranges and low-slippage execution, and adopting the best liquidity solutions allows you to provide deep market accessibility to your users and increase your client acquisition rate.

Integrate a Flexible Payment Solution

The payment solution is a crucial part of the brokerage ecosystem as it controls how customers deposit funds to start trading and withdraw their gains. This step entails a deep understanding of user preferences, whether using digital wallet, bank transfers or crypto payment solutions.

As a rule of thumb, the more diversity in your payment system, the better. This allows you to attract more customers of different styles and trading strategies.

Therefore, finding a Forex technology provider that facilitates integrations with fiat and crypto payment gateways increases your chances, as users increasingly prefer decentralised assets.

Test, Test and Test

Nothing frustrates traders more than using lagging or glitching Forex trading platforms, as this is where their money goes and comes.

Therefore, conduct various testing stages and ensure all your white label Forex brokerage features and functions are properly working before releasing it to the public. You can start with a soft release to test how everything works before marketing your platform and adding more users.

Launch your White Label Forex Trading Platform

Accompanying your release with a top-level marketing strategy is the best to start a Forex brokerage firm. Otherwise, it is difficult to be noticed in the plethora of FX brokers available in the market.

Spread your name across social media platforms and promote your unique selling point on digital communities where Forex traders reside. This increases your visibility and the chance of being noticed.

You can also start by welcoming bonus programs and rewards for early users and writing blogs about your platform and what makes it different.

White Label vs Grey Label vs Black Label: What to choose?

White, grey, and black labels are different modes of building ready-to-use platforms. A black label is rarely used because it entails developing a solution specifically for one buyer, and this tailor-made software usually costs a premium price.

White label and grey label are pre-built systems that are more affordable options because they are template-like platforms offered publicly and highly customisable to user’s preferences. A grey label usually limits the buyer’s choice of feature to only those developed by the provider.

B2Broker white label solution

However, a white label Forex brokerage service like B2Broker incorporates a high level of flexibility in the features you want to add to your system. Moreover, B2Broker white label solutions include broad liquidity integration to ensure the deepest market access and provide a wide range of tradable securities.


Finding a white label Forex brokerage technology provider is the best way to launch a business in the trading industry. Developing an FX brokerage system from scratch takes so much time that you may miss current market opportunities. 

Therefore, finding and integrating the best Forex white label solutions shorten your time to market, allowing you to capitalise on the Forex market in a timely manner and offer services that investors require the most.

This can position your FX platform at the top of traders’ choice, attracting more users to your database and boosting your business growth.

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