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Hedge Fund Startup Guide - How To Make Money by Hedging Funds

How to launch a Hedge Fund startup

The trading world is full of opportunities for investors, service providers and operators who can benefit from the massive amount of money being circulated and traded in the market.

Different businesses can be found in the realms of trading. Launching a hedge fund startup is a lucrative opportunity to get involved in the money market and grow your business further. The journey of operating a hedge fund and dealing with deep-pocket investors is challenging, and a well-designed plan can take you far away.

A successful hedge fund requires excellent money management, communication skills and a sophisticated plan, and if you are up to the challenge, here’s how you can start.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hedge funds are financial firms that pool investors’ money and trade it in various markets and securities. 

  2. Launching a hedge fund startup entails complicated legal preparation, including registration, business formation, and paperwork.

  3. Hedge funds make their money by charging a 2% management fee besides a 20% performance fee on the profits made.

What Is a Hedge Fund?

A hedge fund is a financial investment firm that pools money from multiple investors and businesses and trades them in various financial markets and securities. The sole purpose of a hedge fund is to increase the wealth of its clients and attract a larger number of inventors to its pool.

Hedge funds may look similar to mutual funds. However, hedge funds are offered privately to top-tier accredited investors whose net worth can be over one million dollars and who have higher risk tolerance than the average trader.

The pooled capital in hedge funds is managed by experts who seek various trading opportunities to grow the investors’ money. Trading with hedge funds is usually riskier, including leverage, options trading or stock short-selling. Hedge funds focus on high-risk, high-return investing opportunities.

Since hedging investments are offered privately to investors, they are exempted from a few registration regulations, such as the 1933 Securities Act and the 1940 Investment Company Act. Therefore, hedge fund managers are allowed to explore any investing opportunity that grows their clients’ wealth.

How hedge funds work

Why Launch a Hedge Fund Startup

Launching a hedge fund startup is larger than operating a brokerage firm in Forex or other brokerage services because it involves larger capital.

Operating a hedge fund puts you in direct communication with financial market sharks and multimillionaire investors, in which your hedge fund company trade their money in exchange for different fees and commissions. These traders usually contribute large funds to your pools, which you benefit from by charging transaction and managerial fees.

Hedge funds use the “2 and 20” fee structure, which means 2% managerial fees and 20% performance fees. For example, if an investor adds $1 million to your hedge fund pool, your management fees are $20,000. So, even if the investment did not bring any profits, you still earn managerial fees to cover your costs and pay the fund manager.

Nevertheless, you can earn substantially more if your hedge fund brings profit to your investors, charging 20% of the profits garnered by the trading activities of your hedge fund manager.

value of assets managed by hedge funds

Common Challenges for Hedge Funds

The first and most common challenge is figuring out how much money a hedge fund startup needs. Well, hedge fund startup costs depend on many factors, and many hedge funds spend the first few years compensating lawyers and operations managers, promoting the business and raising funds. So, here’s what you can expect.

  • Compliance: Managing a hedge fund entails adhering to strict local laws and regulations pertaining to investment markets, capital, conflict of interests and financial disclosure. This extensive legal paperwork can be overwhelming, and many startups fail to comply.

  • Fundraising: One common challenge for most startups generally, and hedge funds especially, is to raise capital that gets you going. Unless you have substantial capital to start with, you need to raise funds from various sources, such as venture capitalists, angel investors, financial institutions and business entrepreneurs.

  • Attracting investors: Onboarding new investors to your fund pool is challenging because wealthy entrepreneurs deal with millions and are only likely to invest if you present a solid portfolio, vast experience and an excellent investment plan. Moreover, investors want to see how you manage your assets before they trust you over their money.

Steps to Launch Your Hedge Fund Startup

One of the most lucrative aspects of hedge funds is working with wealthy investors and some of the industry’s wealthiest businesses. However, not all hedge fund managers make it to the top. Therefore, make sure you follow the below step-by-step instructions.

Hedge fund startup guide

Determine Your Objectives

Identifying your goals and objectives is the first step you need to take because nothing is worse than randomly launching a business without clear goals and milestones.

This step also helps you determine your investing strategy. Investors want to know how you will manage their money and the expectations for growth over the coming years.

Common trading strategies may not work when dealing with millions of dollars. Therefore, you must develop a business plan that is repeatable and scalable, bringing consistent returns to the investors.

Thus, you must invest more time into researching and analysing the market to find opportunities that bring higher profits to your clients.

Figure Out Your Costs

The cost of launching a hedge fund startup varies according to the business size, number of staff, service providers, trading software, promotions, etc. Also, expect a no-to-few profit in the first few years while you still need to compensate your compliance team, managers and other hedge fund startup jobs.

We mentioned that compliance is a core aspect of the business because of the complicated regulatory structure of hedge funds. However, the operations manager is likely crucial because they manage the investors’ money and hire fund managers.

In total, you expect launching costs of at least $1 million, with extensive steps and operational work to get your first steps in the market. However, an investment of $10 million or more can get you noticeable in the market.

Fast Fact

Bridgewater Associates is the world’s largest hedge fund, managing around $200 billion worth of assets by March 2023.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Launching a hedge fund business entails legal paperwork and registration forms that can be complicated and overwhelming. Therefore, hiring a lawyer is the best way to solve the legal aspects with local authorities, for example, the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States. 

However, this crucial step can be costly because an experienced attorney who can help settle your legal issues may charge anything from $50,000 to over $100,000.

Raise Capital

Your starting capital defines how you will implement further steps like hiring a legal team, onboarding investors and finding fund managers. Therefore, it is important to raise capital from different sources.

Hedge fund seeders and accelerators are great sources for raising capital, where angel investors and venture capitalists show interest in your business and invest in your startup for agreed returns.

Accelerator platforms may include several rounds of communication, networking, exhibitions and presentations of your business and why entrepreneurs invest in your firm.

Market Your Business

Promoting your business is an essential part of raising funds and getting started, where investors can see and hear about your startup and, hopefully, show interest in your business. 

Marketing your hedge fund startup helps you network with service providers, prime brokers, third-party solution providers and other accelerators that can help you spread your name.

how to promote hedge fund business


Launching a hedge fund startup is a challenging yet rewarding process. There is a lot to consider and fulfil prior to and during the launch. However, this business gets you in direct contact with multimillionaires and industry leaders who can extend your knowledge and experience in the field.

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