B2Prime Brand New Website: Welcome Updates and Advanced Tools

B2Prime Brand New Website: Welcome Updates and Advanced Tools

B2Prime is pleased to announce the updates of the corporate website. Redesign and enhanced functionality are geared towards better matching clients’ demands.

Updates unlock brand-new opportunities for partners. B2Prime has worked out a set of new commercial conditions and offers to grant clients more benefits.

Traders have got more instruments and tools; this is why the partnership with B2Prime discloses the best trading conditions for your users. The company provides the best market liquidity streams – connect your order books to the largest liquidity pools to avoid gaps and high spreads. Your clients’ orders are expected to be executed instantly. Furthermore, B2Brime provides liquidity for a string of assets, including Forex, cryptocurrencies, indexes, metals, etc.

The company supports several trading platforms that are in much demand among FX brokers. On top of MetaTrader 5 and OneZero, B2Prime is compatible with the FIX trading platform. As for the future plans, the company is going to broaden this list.

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