Connectivity Options


oneZero Hub

A technology solution that provides a high-performance connectivity infrastructure between financial institutions, brokers, and their customers.

It acts as a bridge between liquidity providers and trading platforms, allowing brokers to offer their clients fast and reliable access to multiple sources of liquidity.

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Aggregation from over 200 liquidity sources

Low-latency connectivity for faster trade execution

Maximum uptime and minimal risk of system failures

Customizable trading settings and risk management controls

Real-time reporting and analytics



A high-performance trading technology platform that provides customer brokers with direct access to multiple liquidity providers.

It enables brokers to offer their clients fast and reliable access to the financial markets.


Aggregated liquidity from multiple sources

Including banks, ECNs, and other institutional providers

Detailed real-time reporting and analytics

Give brokers valuable insights into their clients' trading activities

Architecture guarantees maximum availability

and reduces the likelihood of system failures.

Low-latency connectivity with multi-legged architecture

Customizable trading settings and risk management controls


FIX API Trading

A standardized protocol for transmitting real-time financial data between financial institutions, brokers, and other market participants.

It is a widely used technology in the trading industry, providing fast and reliable connectivity for algorithmic trading and other automated trading strategies.

FIX API Trading

Low-latency connectivity, enabling brokers to execute trades quickly and efficiently

Reduce slippage and improve the trading experience

Greater customization for trading strategies and risk management controls

Differentiate your offerings from competitors and attract more clients.

Automate order routing, risk management and reporting with FIX API

This allows you to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.

Access to multiple markets

Expand your offerings and provide more diverse investment opportunities

FIX API ensures reliable connectivity and minimizes the risk of system failures