By Levan Putkaradze

B2Prime is All Systems Go iFX EXPO International 2024!

B2Prime is Set for iFX EXPO International 2024!

B2Prime, a premier supplier of multi-asset prime of prime liquidity, is all geared up to participate in one of the leading digital trading events of the year - iFX EXPO International! iFX Expo will open its doors to fintech and digital trading enthusiasts from June 18th to 20th, 2024, in Limassol, Cyprus.

Why iFX Expo 2024 is a Major Event for Digital Trading

Leading market players and the brightest minds in digital trade come together for this premier event. The iFX EXPO is the best place to meet, network, collaborate, and discover what the future holds for the online trading sector. With more than 100 industry professionals speaking, participants from more than 120 countries, and an estimated 4,000 attendees worldwide, the EXPO creates a vibrant atmosphere for thought-provoking conversations within the online trading business.

B2Prime’s Panel and Liquidity Topics

B2Prime doesn’t plan to shy away from the bright lights at the iFX EXPO, showcasing the most exciting milestones and achievements in the multi-asset liquidity distribution sector. During the two-day panel, B2Prime will unveil its latest upgrades and discuss the importance of multi-asset liquidity in the modern digital trading environment. 

John Murillo and Andrew Matushkin, our distinguished speakers, will be featured in thought-provoking keynote speeches. Our Chief Dealing Officer, John Murillo, will look into "What's Next for Liquidity Providers?" by examining possible opportunities for improvement within this niche and pinpointing the most successful strategies for liquidity providers. 

Subsequently, Lead Business Development Manager Andrew Matushkin will analyse "Next-Gen of Trade Tech," focusing on cutting-edge innovations that might simplify digital trading procedures for brokerages and other business models.

Keep up With the Latest Digital Trading Trends in 2024

iFX EXPO  International 2024 promises to be a definitive event in digital trading, uniting market leaders and top performers from the global landscape. B2Prime is excited to be a part of this major gathering. We are eager to meet you, have stimulating discussions with you, and show you how B2Prime’s extensive range of payment processing options may advance your company.

Register now and visit us at Booth #3. We’re always looking forward to sharing our knowledge through lively discussions!

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June 17, 2024 - June 19, 2024


Limassol, Cyprus

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