B2Prime Receives CySEC Approval to Provide Multi-Asset Liquidity Services in Europe

B2Prime Receives CySEC Approval to Provide Multi-Asset Liquidity Services in Europe

B2Prime, a global regulated Prime of Prime (PoP) Multi-Asset Liquidity Provider, has confirmed that it has been granted the go-ahead to enter the heavily regulated Forex /CFDs market in Europe. As a Cyprus based Financial Institution B2Prime is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

B2Prime, an affiliated entity of the B2Broker group of companies, is owned by Arthur Azizov, and Evgeniya Mykulyak, the group’s CEO/founder and co-founder respectively. Nick Chrysochos is the CEO of B2Prime. The regulatory approval confirms the group’s commitment to providing its investment related services on a global scale that is regulated by one of the most well respected and recognised Financial Market Supervisory Authorities.

    About B2Prime

    B2Prime is a global regulated Prime of Prime (PoP) Multi-Asset Liquidity Provider for institutional and professional clients across the whole spectrum of the financial markets. Its core investment services consist of leveraged derivative products in CFDs (Forex, metals, commodities, shares, indices and cryptocurrencies).

      What the News Means For Clients

      CySEC is Cyprus’ financial regulator which provides a framework within which the country’s licenced financial services firms are obliged to operate. As a CySEC regulated broker, B2Prime must adhere to the strictest financial market regulatory standards, including capital adequacy requirements, segregation of client funds and transparency of business operations. Clients residing in the EU, UK and several other 3rd country jurisdictions can now be safely onboarded under the EU MiFID II regulatory standards.

      B2Broker Group of Companies CEO, Arthur Azizov, commented, “We are delighted that B2Prime has secured CySEC approval. We now have the scope to provide institutional grade liquidity to clients in over 30 countries. At the same time, our clients will experience the benefits of an enhanced level of protection, safe in the knowledge that they have the backing of a world-leading, multi-regulated technology and liquidity provider. With CySEC’s authorisation to provide our investment liquidity services, we will be able to establish our place in this space as one of the strongest and most reliable organisations in its genre”.

      B2Prime’s owner and Executive Director, Evgeniya Mykulyak, added, “My vision is to make B2Prime one of the most solid and reliable financial services companies in the Forex space with a high standard of service provision being our key focus. We will be exploring many new opportunities in Europe and I look forward to welcoming new clients on board. We will also focus on introducing new trading platforms for connection as well as on the continued rollout of our Prime of Prime liquidity services. Already we have started to build a strong liquidity provision network in the European market and have established relationships with major Prime Brokers. And last but not least, we plan to become a member of several exchanges which all serve to make B2Prime a major player in the financial services industry”.

      B2Prime CEO, Nick Chrysochos added, “Artur Azizov’s long experience and solid credentials in the Forex and Crypto space and Evgeniya Mykulyak’s deep industry know-how and clear vision for the company means that we will be perfectly positioned to provide advanced, cutting-edge technology so that our clients can trade with the reassurance of knowing that their trading activities are managed by a reputable firm that adheres to the most stringent regulatory standards of CySEC”.

      BPrime is ready to receive new clients and can connect brokers via OneZero, MT5 and PrimeXM platforms to offer trading on 115 Forex pairs including 22 Crypto CFD pairs, Spot Metals, Indices and Spot Energies.

      The CySEC recognition and acceptance of B2Prime as a Cyprus-Regulated Financial Services company, together with the corresponding launch of commercial operations in Cyprus, is a testament to B2Prime’s continued success and growth as it strives to extend its offerings geographically with the best liquidity and trading services in the industry.

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