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B2Prime’s Q1 Fiscal 2024 Results Highlight Strong Growth and Regulatory Compliance

B2Prime’s Q1 Fiscal 2024 Results Highlight Strong Growth and Regulatory Compliance

B2Prime, a renowned multi-asset Prime of Prime liquidity provider, disclosed financial results of its Parent Company B2B Prime Services EU for January and February 2024. The report aims to highlight the company’s dedication to transparency, regulatory compliance, and market leadership.

Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius (FSC Mauritius), B2Prime continues to exceed industry standards for financial integrity and client protection. Here are some significant Q1 achievements.

Q1 Financial Highlights:

  • B2Prime’s total assets increased to €28,969,690.98, a significant 40.32% increase from the previous year.

  • Client assets held for trading grew to €26,840,460.11, which is an increase of 47.6% from the previous year.

  • Shareholders' equity rose by 8% in the current quarter (Q1 2024), indicating healthy profit levels for the quarter. 

  • When comparing year-on-year (Feb 2024 vs. Feb 2023) figures, total assets exhibited a growth of 68%, client assets held for trading increased by 64%, and shareholders' equity impressively surged by 289%.

  • On the Regulatory Capital Adequacy front, the company's own funds saw a remarkable upsurge of nearly 600%, escalating from €503,000 to €2,728,000, far exceeding the regulatory minimum of €750,000.

  • B2Prime's CET1 and Tier 1 ratios, standing at 364.71%, significantly exceed the regulatory minimums of 56% and 75%, respectively. This performance places the company's CET1 ratio at more than 6.5 times the required minimum and the Tier 1 ratio at nearly 4.8 times above the mandated standards.

"We recorded truly significant financial growth and regulatory achievements this quarter. We remain the trusted provider of Prime of Prime liquidity solutions for diverse clients in the financial sector and continue to deliver outstanding value for our customers. 

In the upcoming quarter, we look to capitalise on our strong market position and deliver even better, more client-centric services and enhanced performance.”

Eugenia Mykuliak, Founder & Executive Director of B2Prime.

Looking Ahead

B2Prime is deeply committed to meeting and surpassing regulatory standards and maintaining transparency in its operations. Currently offering a range of asset classes, including crypto CFDs, Rolling Spot FX, equity indices CFDs, precious metals CFDs, commodities CFDs, and NDFs as CFDs, B2Prime plans to broaden its selection of instruments and expand its global presence to serve its clients better.

For detailed information about the company’s regulatory updates, future plans, and services, visit the official website:

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